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A continuous effort

The Atara Equipment team is always working on offering the best products to its customers.

To do so, we grant a lot of importance to research and development.

Our test benches and test machines allow us to test new materials to convey, compact, mix, dewater, and separate on a daily basis.

We collect as much data as possible on our equipment efficiency, life expectancy of all our products, and also energy consumption as well as degradation of material being conveyed.

We are also working hard on finding new methods to make it easier to maintain and operate our products.

In so far, performing destructive testing on our screws in order to better understand the effects of stress on materials used in our manufacturing process, in order to give you the best spiral for your application.

Atara Equipment has developed a calculation software to size shaftless screws by combining our theoretical calculation models and digital simulations with our practical studies and real trials.