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Washing, Dewatering and Compacting

Due to the encroachment of both population and industries around Waste Water Treatment plants and the increase in inorganic waste solids within the flow to the plant, these screenings have to be removed, washed and compacted efficiently.

The combination of the pre-screens and fine screens are more efficient in removing these types of solids, from construction materials to personal hygiene products and household waste (including whatever comes through the storm drains at any time).

Plus the anticipate changes to the current regulation, requiring fecal and organic matters to be washed off the screenings and returned to the plant flow for further biological treatment.

During the compaction phase, the wash water and contaminated water is forced from the screenings into a drainage system that diverts the contaminated water back to the head of the plant, the compaction of the screenings reduces the amount of screenings to be disposed of.

The wash system reduces the amount of fecal and organic matters from the screenings, substantially reduces the foul odor and putrefied matter from the further breaking down, clearing the way for landfill and/or incineration applications.

The objective or dewatering and compacting the screenings can be achieved through our following products: