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Out-Loading Systems

Atara Equipment Ltd. is specialized in designing and manufacturing complete conveyor out-loading systems.

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Centrifuge: above discharging conveyors. The crossing conveyor receives sludge by gravity, from the centrifuges located above the floor and then distributes the sludge to either one of the out-loading conveyors. The selection of the out-loading conveyor is performed, in either manual or automatic mode depending on the installation. 

atara equipment discharging screw conveyors
atara equipment out loading equipment


Centrifuge: below discharging conveyor. A crossing conveyor receives sludge by gravity, from two (2) centrifuges, then transports the sludge to the inclined conveyor which intern transports the sludge to the out loading conveyor. 


Centrifuge on the same floor as the sludge haulage container. Due to the space constraints the centrifuge discharges into a short shaftless screw crossing conveyor, the crossing conveyor feeds axially a vertical (90°) shaftless screw conveyor, the vertical conveyor feeds a shaftless screw out-loading conveyor, the out-loading conveyor discharges into the blue bin.

atara equipment centrifuge screw conveyor
atara equipment belt press unloading conveyor



Belt press: shaftless screw conveyor out loading system.Two belt presses feeding one shaftless screw transport conveyor. The system is designed to have either belt presses discharging at the same time and or alternating single presses.  


The picture shows a single shaftless screw belt press conveyor with two inlet chutes complete with diverter plates. The position of the diverter plates shown is in bypass mode, discharging directly into a roller bin located below. When in transport mode the sludge is transported to a out-loading conveyor (axially) that discharges outside. 

atara equipment belt press conveyor
atara equipment single shaftless screw unloading conveyor


Single shaftless screw out-loading conveyor is receiving sludge through the two axial connections from the two other shaftless screw conveyors. The conveyor on the right is being fed by 2 belt presses and the conveyor on the left is being fed by a single belt press. 




This picture shows sludge feeding through the two axial connections of the shaftless screw out-loading conveyor.

atara equipment sludge shaftless conveyor