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Powder Storage, Transport & Dosing

Atara Equipment Ltd represents SODIMATE throughout Canada and on certain projects in the USA.

You will find their complete range of products under the SODIMATE section of this website on the menu.

Sodimate is the expert in Silo powder discharging, product transporting and metering systems.

 If you want a complete look at the Sodimate products we work with, 

silo discharge into lime slakers atara sodimate


With their unique mechanical anti-bridging devices, the products is swept clean from the cone and flows freely into the DDS distribution.

The material is transported using shaftless and/or shafted screw conveyors.






Designs from simple single silos, individually feeding each slaker, built in redundancy (2) two silos feeding inclined distribution conveyor. Once one of the silos is empty the system automatically changes over to the other silo, calls for refilling of empty silo.

atara sodimate silos


Multiple transport conveyors being fed by a single silo, the mechanics inside the DDS makes sure that all of the multiple transport conveyors are evenly filled. Silo isolation knife gate: is located between the DDS and the Silo cone for ease of maintenance work.

mutliple transport screw conveyors fed by one silo


Sodimate Big Bag Stand:




Big bag frame (red) enables loading of the big bag by using a fork lift. The big bag frame, automatically adjust as the big bag empty’s, also ensures that no product is left in the folds of the big bag material. DDS can be sized, to hold enough product to keep the system running while changing over the big bag (for continuous operation). Shaftless screw DDS unloading and transport conveying system.

big bag stand sodimate atara


Lime Stabilization:

Complete designed and manufactured systems for Lime Stabilization:

Sodimate lime system and mixer. Atara Equipment Ltd shaftless sludge screw conveyor and silo.

Sludge pasteurization:

lime stabilization atara sodimate

Lime silo discharge:



The Sodimate DDS is attached to the bottom of the cone, discharges lime into the inclined transport conveyor.

lime silo discharge atara sodimate



The inclined conveyor transports lime to the horizontal transport screw conveyor, the horizontal screw conveyor transports lime to the injector shaftless screw, the injector screw doses the lime into the paddle mixer.

screw conveyor transporting lime atara sodimate



Centrifugal sludge is transported in a shaftless screw conveyor, discharging into the paddle mixer.

shaftless screw conveyor transporting sludge into a paddle mixer atara equipment

The ration of sludge and lime is controlled by the centrifuge sludge production. The lime metering is controlled by the VFD on the silo out-loading conveyor.

Both the sludge and lime enter the paddle mixer at the same time, the paddles are continually ripping apart the lime covered sludge, ensuring end product is thoroughly blended before exiting into the transport truck waiting below.

shaftless screw conveyor discharging into a truck atara equipment



Source separated organics:


Sludge receiving and storage (white structure on the right). Two (2) twin live bottoms transporting sludge to the crossing conveyor (axially), the crossing conveyor transports the sludge to the inclined conveyor (axially).

SSO one (1) twin live bottom (behind yellow structure). Front end loader dumps the SSO into the hopper and is discharged into a grinder, the SSO passes through the grinder into the crossing screw conveyor. The crossing screw conveyor transports the SSO to the inclined conveyor, the inclined screw conveyor transports the sludge and the SSO to a mixer for further processing.

composting atara equipment sodimate