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Special Projects

Atara Equipment Ltd is fully experienced to realize your special projects. Please find below some examples of our special projects.


Twin 100 m³ live bottom storage hoppers


atara twin live bottom storage hoppers

System consisting of :

  • Two (2) centrifuges
  • Two (2) centrifuge shaftless screw conveyors
  • One (1) Shaftless screw inclined conveyor
  • One (1) Distribution shaftless screw conveyor
  • Two (2) leveling shaftless screw conveyors


atara live bottom



Twin shaftless screw live bottom being raised into position, to be bolted up-to the 100 m³ storage hopper.

atara live bottom slide gates



Twin shaftless screw, live bottom comes complete with six (6) pneumatically operated slide gates and rubber chutes.