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Although we cannot tell you a lot about this specific project, our customer allowed us to publish his testimony regarding the solutions we provided to his problems.


The installation is a pictured below, with an horizontal shaftless screw conveyor at the bottom of the bin, and a vertical shaftless screw conveyor at the end of it.

"We did not measure the performance of the equipment with some analysis. The only fact is we do not have any sand in the step screen system. For us, this is a success. A real improvement occurred with this equipment is about the rice hull used in the process transformation. This rice hull was a pain for the waste water plant operation. Now with the grit system, rice hull precipitates out of the stream and is trapped within the sand and mud, transported out and dumped into our waste container by the screws. No down time for screen blockages. It is simply fantastic."


vertical shaftless screw conveyorvertical shaftless screw conveyor