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Why Atara?

Atara Equipment Ltd has been one of the leaders in Shaftless Screw Conveyor and Equipment manufacturing for the past 30 years.

Our expertise is proven

by over 500 installations throughout North America and Europe.

shaftless screw conveyor with wear liner atara equipment

With more than 30 years of combined experience in shaftless screw conveyors systems, our field service technicians:

  • Supervise installation and start-up of equipment
  • Insure on-site personnel receive proper training on the use and maintenance of the equipment
  • Are available for support by phone or on site to handle any problem that may arise.

Our team  is expert in trouble shooting, problem solving, modifying existing equipment, optimizing existing equipment, designing specific equipment to meet our client's needs and last but not least, optimizing complete system performance.

We also do onsite service calls.

During those service calls, we will give a thorough assessment of the condition of your existing equipment, troughs, spiral, liners, gear drives, packing gland and performance ; assess: the remaining life expectancy of each piece of equipment.

Once the pieces have been delivered to site, if required an Atara technician will come to site and install the individual pieces, at this time take this opportunity to further train the plant personnel on installation and troubleshooting techniques.

 Once installed, the Atara technician will make sure that the equipment is running and performing as per original or modified design.


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