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Live Bottoms

Live bottoms are typically designed to store, move and unload bulk solids.

Live bottoms can start with a simple single spiral to multiple pairs of spirals depending on the type of application.

Using both right hand and left hand spirals in twin live bottom application allows:

  • To pull the material from the center down and pushed under the spiral out, transporting the material along the outsides of the spirals
  • Or pull the material from the outside under the spiral up through the center of the spiral, transporting the material along the center axis of the two spirals. 

Depending on the type of application and the type of material, it is necessary to take the above information into consideration


Typical Live bottom designs

atara equipment live bottom rendering atara equipment live bottom rendering


Depending on the hopper design, you can fill by:

  • Conveying system
  • Truck trailer
  • Front-end loader

Hopper designed for efficient out-loading.

Discharging by gravity through slide gates, or axially feeding a discharging conveyor.


live bottom setup atara equipment


On top: 4 drive units, split screw design. In the middle: 2 drive units, 1 or 2 discharge points per trough side. Bottom: 2 drive units, motors on opposite ends of troughs. 1 or 2 single discharges per single trough side.

Low cost Operation

  • No seals, hangers or end bearings.
  • No plugs, or clogs to prevent continuous operation.
  • 50% higher filling proportion to the through relative to conventional screw conveyors.
  • A pushing drive with free-hand spiral permits controlled out-loading.


atara equipment 4 screws live bottom


(4) gear drive unites independently driving (4) shaftless screws. You can run a single shaftless spiral, a pair of shaftless spirals or all of the spirals at once, depending on the capacity and the material required, and the type of material.


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