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Screenings Dewatering Press

Designed for conveying and dewatering in one compact unit.

atara equipment screen pressEfficiency:

Combination of dewatering by gravity and mechanical means.

Low Cost operation:

  • Simple design minimizes capital costs, maintenance costs, and downtime.
  • Requires less space than conventional dewatering devices.
  • Reduces waste for disposal, resulting in lower transportation costs and diminished environmental impact.


  • Unit throughput up to 15 m³/Hr.
  • Multiple inlets.
  • Wedge-wire slot sizes to accommodate demanding applications.


  • Municipal (waste water treatment plants).
  • Industrial (food processing, chemical industries, pulp and paper...).


The transport conveyor section (C) terminates at the press-zone (D). The spiral protrudes into the enclosed wedge-wire press tube. The length of the spiral terminates short of the outlet door (E). This enables a plug of material to be formed inside the press tube. The combination of the plug length (F) and the amount of pressure from the door (E) plus the efficiency of the conveyor control the dewatering effect.

atara equipment screen press drawing

Distinguishing features:

The transportation and the pressing operation is performed by a strong spiral (lengths up to 10m).

A pushing drive unit, combined with a free spiral end, ensures trouble free operation (ensures no entanglement between material and spiral).

Press-tube is designed for maximum dewatering. Individual slot openings are based on the properties of the material and the dewatering requirements.

Driveshaft, C/w packing gland, minimizes leaks.

Drain end spiral brush keeps drain free of debris. Automatic spray wash device cleans the press basket.

Steel Quality:

Trough and cover:

  • Stainless steel (304) or (316) or (316L).
  • Carbon steel painted.

Transport-press spiral:

  • Special Steel
  • Stainless Steel


  • Wedge-wire in Stainless Steel (304) or (316).
  • Slot selection 0.5 to 2 mm


  • Increased HP drive-unit where higher torques are demanded.
  • Adjustable plug length (sized for material type).
  • Spiral fabricated in Stainless Steel/Mild Steel.
  • Custom made press-end, for demanding applications.
  • Perforated basket Stainless Steel (304) or (316).

Design standards 





Drive unit


Shroud Length

D (mm)

Compaction zone Length

F (mm)

U200 / ATSP 160 0 - 1 1.5 500 200
U260 / ATSP 215 1 - 2 2.2 600 250
U320 / ATSP 280 2 - 4 3.0 700 300
U420 / ATSP 365 4 - 7 4.0 900 350
U500 / ATSP 405 7 - 15 5.5 1000 400


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