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Shaftless Screw Conveyors

Designed to transport materials which are sticky, slushy, stringy and plug forming, irregular and arch-forming.

shaftless screw conveyor atara equipment shaftless screw conveyor atara equipment thermal insulated shaftless screw conveyor atara equipment

The shaftless screw conveyor is the ideal solution to convey and meter the sludge or bulk materials coming out of centrifuges, presses and mixers. The shaftless design gives the opportunity to convey sticky and sluggish material without the risks associated with material building around the shaft. It also enables a filling rate of up to 100%, making it more efficient and the simplicity of its layout allows for space and money savings.

The shaftless screw conveyor was first designed for applications in the wastewater treatment industry (WWTP, Municipal), because of the nature of the bio-solids (sludge) to be conveyed, and later was adapted to other industries thanks to its efficiency. It can now replace the traditional shafted screw conveyor in most applications.

Shaftless screw conveyors are often used by Atara Equipment to solve some of the difficulties our customers may be encountering. Take a look at our case studies section to know more about how we used those products to solve their problems.

Low cost operation :

  • No seals, hangers or bearings.
  • No plugs, no clogs to prevent continuous operation.
  • 50% higher filling proportion to the trough relative to conventional shafted screw conveyors.
  • Conveyors can be horizontal, inclined or vertical.
  • Removable wear Liner

Hygienic :

  • Completely enclosed and gasketed for odor and spillage control.

 atara equipment inclined shaftless screw conveyors atara equipment inclined shaftless screw conveyor

Space saving :

  • A pushing drive with free-end spiral permits direct axial and angled connections for positive transfer of material.

Applications :

    • Municipal (waste management)
    • Industrial (food industries, chemical industries, incineration plants, pulp and paper...)


Standard design sizes :

atara shaftless screw dimensions rendering  atara equipment shaftless screw dimensions

    Dimensions (mm)   Capacity (50% fill rate) 
  A B H O



 @20 rpm


 ATSC 200  200  310 215 160 70 1.9
 ATSC 260  260  370 270 215 140 4
 ATSC 320  320  430 340 280 360 10
 ATSC 355  355  465 380 315 500 14
 ATSC 420  420 530 430 365 720 20
 ATSC 500  500 610 475 420 1070 30
 ATSC 600  600 720 650 480 1653 47
 ATSC 700  700 820 700 600 1923 55


shaftless screw conveyor atara equipment shaftless screw conveyor atara equiment shaftless screw conveyor atara equipment brush

U-Trough :

  • Formed with a press brake.
  • Double rolled edges.
  • No holes in trough / completely sealed.
  • Material: SS304, SS316, or steel painted.
  • Trough lids bolted / inspection hatches.

 atara equipement shaftless screw conveyors connectionatara equipment inclined shaftless screw conveyors atara equipment inclined shaftless screw conveyor and chute

Wear liners :

  • Removable (ease of maintenance).
  • Material: UHMW, Hardox, Pure Gum Rubber.

Spiral profiles :

  • Shaftless screw : Tapered design.
  • Largest cross section to the inner: inner spiral is the area which takes most of the stress (axial loading).
  • Hardox 400HB peripheral edge: wear resistant.


  • For additional safety, our conveyors can come with an immediate stop brake system (optional)

We also offer a range of flexible screw conveyors that can be used for different applications.


If you want us to contact you about a screw conveyor, you can either contact us through our contact-us page, or using our screw conveyor worksheet.