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Silo Unloading Systems

Atara Equipment Ltd is the distributor for the Morillon Hydrascrew silo unloading system.

atara equipment morillon silo unloading

Underneath the turret is the hydraulic motor that drives the shafted spiral and a slide gate operated discharge port.

The spiral rotates clockwise pulling the material towards the turret and discharging below into a shaftless screw transport conveyor, at the same time the turret and spiral rotates around the silo clockwise. Ensuring the first material in is the material that is extracted first.



The pivot type cap is used for material that does not flow freely. The crown cap is used where material flows freely. atara equipment morillon silo unloading  atara equipment morillon silo unloading 

Morillon has designed the system to be able to adapt to an existing sloped silo floor. This design easily removes materials that are prone to bridging within the cone area. The shafted spiral rotates on itself pulling the material towards the center exit, while rotating around the cone.

atara morillon silo unloading atara morillon silo unloading 

Industrial Applications

Raw materials bulk storage – extraction and dosing. Wood chips, bark mulch, saw dust, Cellulose, plastic waste, plastic recycling, shredded tires, fly ash, bottom ash, glass products, glass wool, petrol coke, bauxite…

Food Industry

Oil cakes, meat and bone meal, fish meal, flours, wheat bran middling’s, corn by-products, gluten, starch, soya meal, rape seed meal, etc...

Chemical Industry

Phosphates and Carbonates, etc...

Waste Recycling

Plastic waste, ferrous waste...


Sewage sludge, fly ash...

We also offer another type of silo unloader, with a unique design which allows the complete discharge of difficult dry chemicals such as lime, soda ash, trona, and cement.


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