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Injector Screw

Atara Equipment is the distributor of Sodimate's products and services in Canada, and some projects in the USA, so this is why we are happy to offer you Sodimate's Injector Screw.

Sodimate’s injector screws transfer dry chemicals into a gas stream or slurry tank while isolating moisture, heat and condensation from the dry chemical. Injector screws are typically used in place of isolation devices such as pinch valves, slide gates, rotary airlocks, and butterfly valves. Various types and sizes are available depending on the desired discharge rate of the chemical and application. Most injectors are installed with hygroscopic materials such as quicklime (CaO) Magnesium Oxide (MgO), and polymers.

sodimate atara injector screw

Installation examples

sodimate atara injector screw sodimate atara injector screw 

sodimate atara injector screw