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PAC High Shear Mixer

Atara Equipment is the distributor of Sodimate's products and services in Canada, and some projects in the USA, so this is why we are happy to offer you Sodimate's PAC High Shear Mixer.

Sodimate’s PAC high shear mixer, the Sodimix, is a unique powdered activated carbon (PAC) dust absorption system that eliminates dust created in dry-to-slurry processes. The system uses pre-mixing technology to mitigate dust emission created in PAC slurry processes. Featuring a submerged pipe with a high velocity dual impeller, the unit thoroughly mixes PAC particles with water before dispersing the mixture into the main slurry tank. The remaining dust is then vacuumed out by an eductor connected to the water line.

powder activated carbon high shear mixer sodimate atara

pac sodimate atara

pac sodimate atara