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Sludge Mixer

Atara Equipment is the distributor of Sodimate's products and services in Canada, and some projects in the USA, so this is why we are happy to offer you Sodimate's Sludge Mixer.

Sodimate’s MBV lime & sludge mixer features orientable paddle blades that efficiently mix lime and dewatered sludge coming from dehydration systems. The mixer can be combined with sludge conveyors, sludge pumps and lime feed systems for an effective sludge stabilization process (Class B). The unit’s robust stainless steel construction makes it versatile for many harsh municipal and industrial applications, and can come trailer-mounted for remote treatment areas.

Sodimate Atara sludge paddle mixer

End product from sludge paddle mixer Sodimate Atara sludge paddle mixer Sodimate Atara sludge paddle mixer

Sodimate Atara sludge paddler mixer