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Engineering, design, calculation and drawings

Our experienced technical team will determine and design the application which best suits your needs while taking into account budget and environmental constraints as well as respecting existing norms.


We use AutoCAD and Inventor 3D to design our systems, conveyors and parts, as well as shop drawings and conceptual drawings.

Atara Equipment Ltd can help you size your shafted and shaftless spirals, taking into account the flow capacity and the torque required.

We always choose the right gear drive to optimize your operation. Our goal is to reduce your power consumption and ensure the stress load applied to the spiral is under the yield strength with a safety margin.

Our team also has the necessary expertise to lead you to the best compromise when determining the right materials for your screws, liners, seals and conveyors.

Upon request, we will be pleased to assist you in retrofitting old units, first using your field measurements or taking them, and then redesigning your existing equipment.


atara equipment conveyor engineering


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