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Plant Optimization

Optimization Program


To be based upon:

  • The original design requirements of the client.
  • Specified equipment performance requirements (based on spec).
  • Purchased equipment designed performance.

Operating schedule:

  • Programmation of the conveying system.
  • Daily, seasonal programs. Timers? Plc? Level sensors?



In order for us to evaluate current conditions, we will require the following:

  • Operations input.
  • Original: operation & maintenance manuals & drawings.
  • PLC: Flow diagram.
  • Copies of equipment failure reports & maintenance reports.

Future expansions:

Need to be taken in to consideration.


After reviewing the above,


The client must be prepared to understand that our recommendations may require them to make changes to: Plc program, mechanical changes to existing conveyors, equipment operating sequences and maintenance schedule.



Site Visit 3 days:

  • (1) Day to observe current operating practices.
  • (1) Day spent with operations & maintenance personnel.
  • (1) Day in control room.


  • (1) Day evaluations.
  • (1) Day report including modification suggestions.


Minimum one week advanced notice required to set up scheduling.



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